Butterick 6446 – Bold Print Sleeveless Dress


I’m not ready to officially start sewing for summer yet. I still have a some cooler weather clothes I want to make but when I saw this abstract linen and viscose print at Minerva, I had to have it. I am part of the Minerva Maker team which means that Minerva provides me with the fabric of my choice for a project of my choosing in exchange for a blog post on their website. To date I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve received from them.

I chose to make Butterick 6446. I never noticed the pattern until my neighbor Kathy made this dress for herself. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again; I’m lucky to have a neighbor who is also a sewing buddy. It’s fun to know that someone else is rocking the sewing machine just a few doors down from me.


I wasn’t sure how the combination of linen and viscose would wash but there was no need for concern. The fabric washed beautifully and was a pleasure to sew. I like how this fabric drapes.


The pattern was straightforward to sew. I added 3/4″ to the bodice and 2″ to the skirt. The pattern calls for only lining the bodice but I lined the skirt as well. I used a cotton voile for the bodice and a cling-free polyester for the skirt. I was worried that the skirt would get hung up on the cotton voile lining while I was walking.

Though this was a simple dress to make it was not without drama. When I tried the dress on to measure for the placement of the eyelets on the belt, the invisible zipper broke. This has never happened to me. I was VERY upset. I took out the zipper but since the dress was completely finished I could not see how I would get an invisible zipper back in. I decided to go with a lapped zipper. I had not installed one in years. It went well and I’m happy with the result. I referenced online tutorials to refresh my memory.


The pattern offers a sash for a belt. I’ve been taken with covered belts and buckles ever since watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I love her wardrobe and noticed that many of her dresses have covered belts. One of the advantages of sewing my own wardrobe is that I can customize my projects. Adding covered belts is my latest customization.


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22 thoughts on “Butterick 6446 – Bold Print Sleeveless Dress

  1. Awww, I’m so flattered to be mentioned in your blog post Lucy. But, I’m actually the lucky one since I have learned so much from you and your amazing sewing skills. I am forever grateful for your sewing advice, the generous use of some of your patterns, and especially your encouragement. That dress is truly special!

  2. I love this dress! Thank you for the review. I will definitely be adding this pattern to my collection. I don’t think this pattern would have ever caught my eye while scanning the catalog at the fabric store; however, your dress certainly has!

  3. I love your dresses and other sewing makes and the choices in patterns that you make. I would love to see your face without the very dark sunglasses. Whenever you take a picture without sunglasses, I rejoice as you have lovely eyes and I get a better sense of you as a person.

    • Thank you Lynne. I have a sensitivity to sunlight so I wear sunglasses most of the time outdoors. I take them off on occassion but I usually can’t last very long.

  4. That’s a knockout dress: dramatic fabric in a feminine silhouette! And thank you for sharing the drama: I’m always a bit reassured that it isn’t just me when I hear of other sewers’ trials!

  5. there are so many wrap dress patterns so I never noticed this one but it is very pretty. you’re ready for spring!

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