Butterick 6676 – Two Fabrics Are Better Than One


When I saw this fabric on Minerva’s website I had to have it for my Minerva Maker project. I had never seen anything like it. The fabric has two layers of fabric with the exact same print. The top layer is an organza and the bottom is a mid-weight dress fabric. Together they create something that has a drape similar to taffeta. Below is a picture of my hand between the two fabrics. The fabric is secured every 4 inches or so. The Minerva website has a video with the fabric description that is very helpful in getting a feel for the fabric.


I made View B without the slit at the neckline. I added 5/8 inches to the length of the bodice and 1 inch to the skirt. The pattern calls for lining the bodice but I chose to line the skirt as well.


I was not sure what color buttons to choose for this dress. Any color I chose blended in with the fabric. The woman at Britex (my favorite store to buy buttons) recommended gold as soon as she saw the fabric and she was right. Matte gold buttons looked the best with the fabric.


I like the fit of this dress very much. The pattern envelope never caught my eye, but I bought the pattern after seeing some cute versions of this dress from fellow sewists. My plans were to make it in a solid linen. I might still do that.

The print looks blurry in the pictures but it’s more of a 3-D effect in person. It’s very interesting to see.


This dress was not in my sewing plans. It seems that has been happening a lot lately. I like having a plan for what I’m going to sew in a season but when a fabric inspires me as much as this one did, I need to run with it.


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14 thoughts on “Butterick 6676 – Two Fabrics Are Better Than One

  1. I would love to see this fabric in person as I can see how the two would create an interesting effect. As always you and the dress look fabulous, I always enjoy your posts. Whenever I’m feeling in a sewing slump I pull up one of your blogs to look at all your outfits and it sparks me. Thank you.

  2. That’s is a stunning dress with a perfect fit, as usual. I went looking for the pattern immediately as it had passed me by. You might want to check the pattern number in the title 🙂

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