Burda Style 09-2019-108A – Wide Cuff Knit Top


I normally just dive into reviewing my most recent project. These are crazy times and it seems wrong not to check-in with you all. How are you all doing out there? I hope this finds you and your family doing well and staying healthy. We were told to shelter-in-place on Monday. I packed up my work stuff and have been working from home as of Tuesday. I’m set up on the dining room table while my husband is in our office. Why? Because our office is also my sewing room and I don’t have the kind of will power it takes to have a half-finished sewing project going and stay focused on work. I simply don’t! I enjoy my job but I enjoy sewing even more.

Pictured here is my most recent Minerva Maker project. For this top I chose this medium-weight cotton Spandex jersey. The color is called rose but it is a little more on the lavender side to me. I thought it would be a great transition piece for spring.


The cuffs are what attracted me to this pattern instantly. The magazine has this to say about the top “… fine like a blouse but comfortable like a t-shirt”. I think that describes this top very well.

BS 09-2019-108a

This top was simple to sew and the instructions were fine. I chose to interface the collar facing pieces. I’m glad I did. I think it helps the collar stand up and keep its shape. I like the drop shoulder. The back has a 9 inch invisible zipper. I could not find an invisible zipper to match so I purchased a light pink zipper and painted the zipper pull with nail polish that matched the fabric.


At a time like this I’m glad I have a hobby that can easily be done by myself indoors. I have more sewing plans that I’ll ever be able to sew. A little extra sewing time is welcome. I’m doing what I can to keep my family and my community healthy AND I get uninterrupted sewing. That’s definitely making lemonade out of lemons.

Stay healthy everyone! Feel free to share with me what you are doing for yourself during these challenging times.


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15 thoughts on “Burda Style 09-2019-108A – Wide Cuff Knit Top

  1. Love those sleeves, a you are an elegant example for the pattern, I like the inverted collar, I have seen this on hi-low hem simplicity sweater pattern too

  2. Excellent post- I love that you are looking at the bright side of this strange period we are living through. More sewing time is definitely a bonus! Hopefully the measures we are taking will help slow the spread of this awful virus. We will hope for brighter days ahead. Your top is lovely Lucy. it is such a unique style, and the color of the fabric is just dreamy.

  3. Beautiful top, love the sleeves & the idea of nail polish on the zip pull!
    Here in the UK the country is slowly shutting down. I too have been working from home since Tuesday, and my craft room is the only place I can work. I thought self-discipline would be a problem for me, too, instead I’m desperate for a change of scenery after more than 8 hours in the same room and haven’t done any crafting at all!
    But I feel very lucky to still have a job when so many people here are losing theirs.

    • Thank you Helen. I got the idea for nail polish years ago from a fellow customer at a fabric store. I see your point about needing a change of scenery after 8 hours in the same room. After working all day in the dining room, I served cheese and wine in the living room before dinner because I didn’t want to just sit back down for dinner in the same spot I had been in all day.

  4. Lovely style on you, Lucy. I like the cut-on mock turtle/extended neckline: perfect for transitioning weather, and I tend to get a chilly neck, so will keep that style in mind!

    Here in Iowa, many/most people are at home/working from home and after this spring break week, teaching will be online at home. Staying at home hasn’t been absolutely required of us, yet. Shops are very quiet, but hardware/big box stores and local stores are still open. Restaurants are all take-out or drive-thru at this point. At the grocery stores, employees are sanitizing every cart and wiping self-serve terminals after each shopper, and limiting the lines to 1 person at a terminal for social distancing.

    Everyone: stay well and safe!

  5. Lovely colored blouse. I share your opinion about sewing as a hobby. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if during this time of sheltering-in-place time was devoted to this wonderful hobby, and then continued when we are in the clear? If we are required to be at home, the hobby of sewing is a wonderful choice to fill our extra time.

  6. Hahaha Lucy…..your post gave ma a LOL moment! Yes I completely agree with you about the lack of will-power to be ensconced in one’s sewing room which needs to double up as an “officially paid” work space and there is no will power to do what one is officially paid for. I too am being shipped off home on Tuesday and my son’s bedroom is going to be my work station (my sewing room will stay locked during “working hours” being 8.15am to 2.30pm…. when all is back to normal and I feel like I was never away from the office, the adjustment will not be harsh!
    Lovely top – I love the easy wear of a t-shirt, and this is a more classy version.

  7. Cute top.In Australia we are “social distancing” but are not restricted from going to work or to the shops. Mind you there are very few people out and about. It might only be a matter of time before we are restricted. I have stocked up on tracing paper, machine needles and used up my gift vouchers (just in case) so am ready.

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