Burda Style 06-2019-110A – Spring Tunic


This tunic is my most recent Minerva Maker project. I chose this beautiful John Kaldor polyester crepe because I thought the print would look lovely in this simple tunic and these colors were wonderful for spring.

You would never know by looking at the front of this tunic that the back has a deep V. I like a garment with a little surprise in the back.


You can see in the line drawings below that the tunic has straight sleeve. This fabric has such a lovely drape that I chose to widen the sleeves and gather them into a band at the wrist.

BS 09-2019-110a

The top is quite long. I removed 1 inch from the front and back. My shortened version is plenty long for my 5 feet 7 inches. Another change I made was to widen the band holding the back V in place. The finished width of my band is 5/8 inches.


This pattern is perfect for showcasing an interesting print. The tunic was easy to sew. I didn’t refer to the instructions but if I had, they were very detailed by Burda Style standards. The pattern is featured in the “Sewing Lesson” section of the magazine and features step-by-step illustrations and instructions.


For now I’m content to leave this tunic hanging in my closet until I’m able to wear it out somewhere with my fashion photographer.

I hope this finds you all safe and healthy. Take care of yourselves during these challenging times.


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10 thoughts on “Burda Style 06-2019-110A – Spring Tunic

  1. Gorgeous tunic, and I love that it has a nice shape (not baggy). I hadn’t realized that you changed the sleeves, which I think is a fantastic touch. I can see you strolling through the DeYoung in this….!!

  2. This tunic is beautiful on you! I love all the changes you made, and the back is so so pretty. I just traced out two tops from the same Burda edition, and now I will have to go back and trace this one too, lol!

  3. Hi Lucy,
    The top is just lovely and looks so nice on you. Great colors. The adjustments you made to the pattern transformed a simple pattern into an elegant top.

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