McCall’s 7999 – Knit Dress


I like sewing simple knit dresses. I find them versatile pieces to have in my closet. When I saw McCall’s 7999, I thought it was just different enough from the other knit dress patterns I had that I needed to add it to my pattern inventory.


The pattern is described as close-fitting. I compared it to a couple of other knit dress patterns that I like in order to determine if the fit needed to be adjusted. I added 1/4″ to the seams starting at the bust all the way to the hem.  It was just enough to give me a little wiggle room.  The other change I made was to cut the collar in half. As drafted the collar is folded in two.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a folded collar. This dress is part of my spring transition wardrobe so I wanted the dress to be comfortable for warmer days and I thought the folded collar might feel too warm.


The fabric is a textured knit with great recovery. This dress was a quick project and is perfect for this time of year with its cooler mornings. Even though I’m working from home and mostly wearing casual knit tops, I find it comforting during these times to plan my wardrobe around my “normal” routine. Besides, this dress is so easy to wear that I’ll probably wear it to work from home one day.

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy.


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12 thoughts on “McCall’s 7999 – Knit Dress

  1. Fabulous looking dress Lucy! Love how you styled it. I think it is perfect for that in-between weather we sometimes have. You’ll be looking very stylish during your video meetings at home, and you can wear it to the office this fall.

  2. Perfect fabric choice and the fit is great! I’m wondering what was so different about this pattern that you selected it?

  3. Very nice dress Lucy, I love your textured knit fabric, and the chain belt just sets it off perfectly. We are well, but I think I will be rolling out of this lockdown….having my husband work from home is involving far too many coffee/tea breaks for my liking!!!

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