Burda Style 07-2020-114 – Boxy Knit Top

This is the first year that I don’t have a sewing plan. I normally have patterns and fabrics lined up and ready to sew. I like having a plan as I look forward to seasonal clothing needs, events, and travel plans. Though I have sewn a few items as if we were going to be attending an annual event, I’m mostly sewing whatever inspires me at the time.

When I saw this knit top in the July 2020 Burda Style magazine, I thought it had some interesting details. I’m still working from home so knit tops have pretty much become my work uniform these days.

BS 07-2020-114

I like the asymmetrical neckline and pleats. The sleeves are also interesting. They have a separate pattern piece sewn to create a cuff that you can make with or without contrasting fabric.


This top was made entirely with leftover fabric from previous projects. The body is ponte and the contrast sleeve bands are lace underlined with satin. I organized my fabric earlier this summer and found quite a few pieces that can be used for smaller projects.


We still have a couple of months of warm weather coming up here on the Central Coast of California so I’m going to keep looking at my summer patterns and fabrics to come up with my next projects.

In the meantime I hope this finds you safe and well.


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20 thoughts on “Burda Style 07-2020-114 – Boxy Knit Top

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Lucy! I love to sew, but never seem to find time. You inspire me to make time for one of my favorite things to do.

  2. Lucy, I am glad you reviewed this top on PR. I love the neckline design, so appealing! I can better see the sleeve contrast here. I will have to check out this top on the Burda Style web. I like the use of ponte knit for this as I think the neckline looks nice in a beefier knit.

  3. Thats a cute little top. It is hard to get motivated when there is nowhere to wear new makes. So just going with the flow is perfect. I could do with some more cardigans. I made two and have been wearing them constantly WFH. I am not coming into spring so a couple of lighter ones would be good. And some little knit tops like yours would be perfect.

  4. So cute. Yes our September and October months are strange here. Even though I want to sew dresses for the heat, the style is often not “Fall” so I always feel stuck. This year, I decided to sew pieces for the cooler weather ahead of time; some slacks and blouses and make myself wear the warm weather pieces I already have. With COVID it seems to be working mentally as we aren’t going out or doing much so I don’t have the excitement of sewing pieces for the “now.”

    • Thank you Beth. Like you I was not attracted to the pattern after seeing the picture. The line drawing is was brought this pattern to my attention. Glad I gave it a try.

  5. Great top, Lucy! Really interesting detailing. Your version in black looks terrific (and less so on the seated, slightly forward-leaning model…). I hope I can download this from the Burda Style website.

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