Vogue 9312 – Knit Summer Dress

Vogue 9312 is my most recent Minerva Makers project. For a while I’ve been on the lookout for a black and white print with which to make this dress. I chose a buttery soft jersey from Minerva that worked very well for this style of dress.

It’s not obvious in my pictures but there is a keyhole opening that gets created when you tie the front ties. The keyhole is not as large in my pictures because I cinched up the ties to raise the neckline. Loosening the ties lowers the neckline and broadens the keyhole. The pattern pictures show the keyhole more clearly.

I sewed View B and added 3 inches to the length. For reference, I’m 5 feet 7 inches. Adding the length was the only change I made to this pattern.

I like the depth of the neckline in the back. I sewed this dress with warm summer days in mind so the lower neckline will be appreciated. There is 3/8″ elastic encased in the empire seam. I often don’t find the elastic necessary in knit dresses but in this case I think it helps with the fit without looking like it’s gathered by elastic.

Fall is officially here but I’m still sewing for summer. I have a couple of simple pieces that I want to get done before embarking on my fall sewing. I have my first fall piece in queue waiting its turn. The weather here on the Central Coast of California will be warm enough to wear my summer wardrobe for a few more weeks so it’s still inspiring to sew for summer.

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14 thoughts on “Vogue 9312 – Knit Summer Dress

  1. I love the how the bodice fits on this dress, and the length is perfect. Plus, how can you beat an elegant looking dress in comfy jersey, a win-win. Beautiful!

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