Burda Style Tops To Finish Off My Summer Sewing

These two tops are the last of my summer 2020 sewing. The weather is still warm here on the Central Coast of California and I’ve already worn these tops, but fall is on the way and I’ve started to think of my sewing projects while taking out my fall fabrics.

I’ve been working from home since March and dressing more casually than I normally would for work. After working from home for a while I realized I needed more solid color casual knit tops.

Burda Style 07-2019-119 caught my eye after seeing a fellow sewist review it on PatternReview.com. I like the knotted sleeve detail. I think it elevates this top from being a plain t-shirt.

The next top I made was Burda Style 05-2020-106. I purchased this cotton border print last summer with a summer top in mind. The fabric goes from solid red to solid pink on the edges. I thought it would be fun to play with pattern placement.

The sleeve is completely lined by cutting the bottom of the sleeve on the fold. Instead of hemming the sleeve you fold it to finish the bottom. I hope I explained that in a way that can be understood. I’m not sure how else to explain it. My website is not known for being very technical.

This boxy top has side tabs with D-rings that allow you to cinch in the sides as tight or as loose as you want. The only change I made to this top was to sew 4 buttons instead of the 3 called for in the instructions.

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11 thoughts on “Burda Style Tops To Finish Off My Summer Sewing

  1. Both of your tops are perfect for working at home, but they could easily be “dressed up” if needed. Both tops look great and have a flattering fit. The knotted sleeve detail on your black top makes it so much more interesting than a simple t-shirt, and I really like your use of the border print on your other top. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming fall creations!

  2. Love everything you make and these two tops are no exception! I can easily overlook burda patterns until you make one so I will revisit these in my magazines thanks!

  3. I really like the sleeve detail on your black T, Lucy: I think it can enhance many women’s figures, too, giving a stronger shoulder line to balance hips — a nice plus!

    The blouse is pretty: I like the fabric a lot, too. Seeing the denser pink area peeking out from the facing or hem of the sleeve, I wonder if you considered using the more solid pink for the right side of the sleeve? Would that be a nice counterbalance to the red hem, OR NOT?

    • Thank you for your comment Joan. It reminded me that I forgot to mention that the sleeve was cut on the fold at the bottom. This way the sleeve winds up being fully lined. I like the look of the lined sleeve in such a wide sleeve. I played around with placement and chose what I liked best. If I had wanted have the solid pink on the end of the sleeve I would have had to cut 2 pieces and sew them together instead of using the fold as instructed. I considered this but found there was too much pink. I’m sure it’s just a matter of taste. Thank you for reading my blog.

      • Thanks for the explanation, Lucy. I like hearing how others approach details of a project, both for aesthetic and practical issues.

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