Burda Style 01-2020-103 – Faux Suede Jacket

This faux suede jacket is my recent Minerva Maker project sewn with fabric gifted to me by Minerva.com. The fabric is buttery soft and was very easy to work with. The color I chose is called “Stone.”

I had noticed this pattern in the January 2020 Burda Style magazine. The magazine version was also sewn with faux suede. I had this jacket on my mind when I saw the faux suede on Minerva’s website.

I like the wrap style of the jacket. There are no fasteners but the jacket stays closed, which isn’t always the case with this style of jacket. I think the choice of faux suede helps keep the jacket closed. It’s “grippy” and doesn’t slip as much as other fabrics.

This jacket was easy to sew and the directions were straightforward for Burda Style. I removed one inch from the lower sleeve band. I normally have to add 1 inch to the length of jacket/coat sleeves but I could see these were plenty long for me. I could have removed another half inch as the sleeves are a little long for me. I chose to interface the sleeve bands. The pattern does not call for this but I thought the bottom of the sleeve might be too flimsy/floppy without the interfacing.

I lined the jacket with a leopard print satin.

I changed the belt carriers. The pattern called for very thin carriers to be sewn together in the side seams. I created more traditional belt carriers and centered them over the marking for the original carriers.

This was a fun project to sew and I’m pleased with my new jacket.

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8 thoughts on “Burda Style 01-2020-103 – Faux Suede Jacket

  1. Great to see this made up so skillfully. I’ve been looking at it and wondering whether to make it or not. Looks like I’d enjoy wearing it, too. Thanks for posting.

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