Burda Style 01-2020-107A – Woven Hoodie

This top caught my attention when I first saw it in the Burda Style magazine. I thought how fun to have a relaxed style woven top with a hood. The buttoned cuffs dress it up a little. The top is my most recent project as part of the Minerva Maker team. I chose a soft and drapey Lady McElroy viscose challis from Minerva to make this top. I think the roses are a wonderful contrast to the black and white stripes.

The tie is cut on the bias. In the past I would have stayed away from turning such a long and narrow tie but ever since I purchased the Prym Turning Set I don’t think twice about it. The set comes with 3 different sized fabric turners. It took me less than a minute to turn the tie for this top. I don’t remember where I learned of the turning tools but am so glad I now have them.

The viscose challis has a good drape which is needed for the hood. The pattern does not call for it, but I chose to add lining to the hood. Had I not done so I would have sewn the center seam with a French seam. Since the top is printed and the print does not come through on the wrong side, I thought a solid colored lining would be nice. I had some silk charmeuse in my stash that matched some of the roses. I cut the lining using the two hood pattern pieces and sewed the center seam the same as I had done previously. I placed the wrong sides of the two hoods facing each other and basted the edges together. I then sewed the hood as one piece and went back to following the instructions.

This top is unique and unlike anything I currently have in my closet. I enjoy experimenting with different styles.

The sun came out from behind a cloud just as my fashion photographer was taking this picture. I like the look of my shadow behind me.

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12 thoughts on “Burda Style 01-2020-107A – Woven Hoodie

  1. You have created a luxurious and unique hoodie! The fabric is lovely. I enjoyed reading your post, and I’m off to google a Prym Turning Set- it sounds like a very useful gadget!

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